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Do You Want To Develop Your Personality?

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May 22, 2023
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Do you want to develop your Personality- Ask Life Coach- Sanjeev Bhutani

In this blog, we will discuss Do you want to develop your Personality? Who comes to mind when the word personality is mentioned? M.S. Dhoni? Barack Obama? Deepika Padukone? Most likely these, right? They are all renowned for having captivating personalities that make an impact. They are well known for having different personalities that motivate people around. For instance, when you think of M.S. Dhoni has a wonderful personality, you consider all the things about him that make you impressed. His competitive spirit, serenity, physical fitness, perseverance, body language, etc. Although it can be challenging, personality development is not impossible. Investment in your education, talents, and self-development is therefore essential.

Techniques to develop your Personality- Sanjeev Bhutani

In this blog, we will discuss Do you want to develop your Personality? We’ll talk about some personality development strategies you can use on yourself to get a lot better results.

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  1. Discover your Weakness & Strengths- To understand how to create your personality, it is critical to be aware of your hobbies as well as your skills and limitations. It will assist you in identifying your strengths and weaknesses. Regular self-evaluation is vital to learn how to have a healthy personality. You can start by making notes about your behavior to identify the traits you need to develop.
  2. Choose your Priorities- This is crucial personality development advice for learning how to have a positive outlook on life. Since each of you has a unique personality, your individuality makes you interesting. You must determine your area of expertise, or what you are greatest at, and then develop the necessary talents. Make the most of your time, energy, and resources to attain your goals.
  3. Learn new skills & work on existing skills- One of the ways to build your personality is to learn something new. Perhaps you’d rather play up a current strength than strengthen a weakness. Instead of concentrating on your shortcomings, it is always a good idea to start working on and developing something you are currently good at. If you strengthen something you’re already good at, you can become exceptional at it.

Example, you want to start a YouTube channel. Work on your communication skills, watch videos, or get advice on personality development from a successful you-tuber.

  1. Learn Time Management- One of the most crucial pieces of advice for personality development is this. You’ll become more organised, self-assured, and able to learn more quickly if you can manage your time well. Make a plan for your day’s activities every morning. Consider when you will study, watch TV, or whether you will go out with friends. Take on difficulties wherever you can. Be creative, follow your passion, take chances, learn a new language, or develop a skill (like dancing). Make sure the activities you choose fit in with your overall life objectives. 
  2. Leave your comfort Zone- Stepping outside of your comfort zone is the next crucial advice for developing a positive personality. Your comfort zone will constrain you. Therefore, stepping outside of your comfort zone and learning about the world around you is the best approach to figure out who you are.
  3. Stay Positive- You must develop a positive outlook on the future. Being upbeat will improve your ability to spot and exploit chances. When faced with challenges, optimistic people might regard setbacks as a stepping stone to success and seek to discover answers. Be joyful, promote cheer, and make others happy. This is one of the most straightforward and practical solutions on how to create your individuality.
  4. Grow your Network- To meet new people and network is one of the best ways to build your personality. You can learn how to communicate and behave in various contexts while taking note of the positive traits of numerous dynamic personalities. Meeting new people, especially those who are different from you, exposes you to various cultures and viewpoints, which broadens your views and changes the way you look at the world. Additionally, you become more intriguing to others by reading more and developing new interests.
  5. Impress with Body Language- Many times, people assume that communication is just about what is said or heard.
  6. However, research indicates that nonverbal communication, such as body language and facial emotions, also has a significant influence on other people. It helps people create more correct assumptions about you and provides them a more accurate impression of who you are.
  7. You’ll come across as more beautiful and confident if you use the right body language. Everything you do, including how you walk, sit, talk, and eat, has an effect on the people around you. Always endeavor to maintain a straight spine and upright gait. Keep your shoulders from sagging. Maintain relaxed posture while communicating and consistent eye contact. One of the best methods for personality development is this one.

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